How to Choose the Right Internet Service Provider

How to Choose the Right Internet Service Provider

Canadians spend 3-4 hours every day online, and it’s no wonder. From keeping in touch with friends, to finding new recipes to cook, to sharing photos and preserving memories, the Internet is required for it all. On top of that, many of us use the Internet to work remotely at least a few days a week.

Given the importance of a strong Internet connection, it makes sense that you’d want to put some effort into finding the right Internet service provider. This article will help you understand what to look for in an Internet provider and how to choose the one you’ll be glad to work with.

Let’s dive in!

See What Internet Providers Serve Your Area

Unfortunately, you can’t pick any service provider you like — you have to find one that serves your specific geographic area. In big cities, you’ll probably have a lot of choices, but in rural areas, you might struggle when searching for “Internet providers in my area”.

As a result, the first step to finding the best provider is to find out what your options are. Once you have a list of local Internet providers, you can compare them based on the remaining criteria.

Decide What Speed You Need

Pay only for what you need

It’s easy to say “give me the fastest Internet available!” but you might end up spending a lot of money for a download speed you don’t actually take advantage of. For most daily uses, you want to look for a download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps. If you can get above that without breaking the bank, that’s great, but that’s what you’ll probably need.

Once you know the Internet speed you want from home Internet providers in Saskatchewan, it’s time to take the next step and start comparing plans.

Do You Want a Bundle or Stand-Alone Internet?

Some providers offer a bundle that includes television, telephone, or other services. Others, as we do at Swift-Net, focus on doing one thing well and providing top-quality Internet services without a bundle.

Just because you don’t want a bundle doesn’t mean you can’t get good home Internet deals. In fact, you might be able to get a better price by taking advantage of other benefits offered by the Internet service provider, while skipping the expense of a bundle.

Many homes don’t use cable television or landline phones anymore. Why pay for something that you don’t need?


Get the Best Home Internet Deals

As you compare plans, you’ll want to look at the speed, quality of service, and price. If you have a rural home, it’s important to be able to get the Internet speed you need at an affordable price. Compare home Internet offers so you can find the plan that’s right for you.

For example, At Swift-Net we have specialized Lake plans that take into account that you’re not at your vacation home all year. Instead, we’re able to provide you with service when you need it and save you money at the same time.

After you compare Internet offers, it’s time to read the fine print and make sure you won’t be caught off guard by surprise charges or stipulations.

Read the Fine Print

There are several things you want to watch out for as you look at home Internet providers in Saskatchewan. First, make sure that there aren’t any data caps on your rural Internet service. That way you won’t discover that your Internet speed is dramatically reduced without you expecting it.

Also, if there’s a data cap you might end up having to pay overage fees if you go over the amount of data you’re allowed each month. No one wants to be hit with surprise fees!

At Swift-Net we are proud to offer no caps on our Internet service. We also don’t lock you into a contract. A contract means that you can’t leave or change providers if you don’t like the service that’s offered. There’s no reason to do that — unless you think you might lose customers due to poor service.

Finally, if you’re in a rural area, find out how much the Internet service provider charges for a site survey. It’s best to find a company that offers these surveys free of charge and will not install and charge for services unless they can guarantee an excellent signal.

Make Sure the Provider Has Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service means you get the help you need when you need it

Your Internet service provider is only as good as their customer service. You want to make sure that if you need help or repairs, you’ll get a prompt, professional response and an appointment as soon as possible. 

When you reach out to us, which you can do 24/7, we’ll diagnose the problem instead of passing off responsibility. If you don’t reach us right away, you can expect a call back within 30 minutes.

Also, no technology is perfect, and you want to ensure you find out right away if there are outages or unexpected problems. Our team keeps you informed on potential issues and estimated times for fixes.

Do the other providers you’re considering also offer a high level of service? If not, you probably don’t want to take the risk of signing up with them.

Choose the Right Provider Today

Choosing an Internet provider can be a bit intimidating, especially if you live in a rural area. You might feel like you’re stuck using whoever is the least expensive, or you might have to choose between fewer options than you’d like.

The good news is that there are high-quality Internet providers even in the rural areas of Saskatchewan. You can get excellent speeds as well. Many people choose our affordable 25 Mbps plan that has a traffic optimizer, which ensures that you always get an excellent connection. We also provide custom plans if you have different needs.

You don’t have to feel isolated just because you live — or vacation — in more remote areas. Instead, choose a home Internet provider like Swift-Net that can give you the coverage you need at a price that makes sense. 

Contact us for more information or a quote on service today!