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No more dropped calls, no more buffering times. With, you have access to reliable rural Internet service so you can surf, download, and stream as much as you want!

The Benefits of High-Speed Internet

Having reliable high-speed rural internet with no data cap offers you the following advantages:


Increased Productivity

If you’re a businessman or are working from home, you’re only as productive as your Internet speed allows you to be. An unreliable internet connection can cause major downtime, leading to the loss of opportunities. To achieve daily goals, it is highly important for business owners or those working from home to have reliable bandwidth and speed.

Convenience While Remote Working

Convenience While Remote Working

Having a fast internet connection allows you to work from home. With a dependable Internet service, you can stay connected, meet deadlines, communicate with prospective customers, reach out to vendors, and share ideas with employees or colleagues.

Better Video Conferencing Experience

These days, video conferencing has become a staple in connecting with employees and co-workers. It allows you to reach out to people regardless of the location, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on a business trip. However, this method requires fast and reliable internet speeds, which you can get by contacting


Unlimited Download Access

Whether you’re downloading large files, games, or videos, there’s nothing as frustrating as slow Internet speeds. If you’re looking for fast internet service in Lloydminster for all your downloading needs, you can’t go wrong with

Why is Your Go-to Internet Provider in Lloydminster

No-Contract Unlimited Internet Plan understands that you lead a busy life that relies on the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. For this reason, we offer high-speed Internet with no data cap. For as little as $80 a month, you have access to unlimited Internet speeds.

Locally-Owned and Locally Operated

We are a local company that provides Internet services limited to the Saskatchewan area. We see you as more than just a number, you are our neighbour. We offer personalized services just for you.

Excellent Customer Service

We are a small company, and we take customer service seriously. When you choose us, you get more than a no-contract and unlimited Internet plan with free installation. We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy by being responsive, offering tailor-fit services, and ensuring quick turnaround times.

Free Installation

We provide affordable Internet with quick and easy free installation services. We don’t keep you waiting. We make sure that the installation takes place in as little as 10 to 12 days from that first phone call.

For fast and reliable Internet, get in touch with — your internet service provider in the Lloydminster area, give us a call us at +1 (306) 825-7111.