Internet Provider in Vermilion

For a Reliable Internet Service Provider in Vermilion, Turn to! provides a reliable high-speed internet connection with no data cap. No more dropped calls and buffering times. Enjoy in-home WiFi, and the ability to quickly surf, stream, and download content at an affordable rate!

Why Take Advantage of Our High-Speed Internet in Vermilion?

Having a good high-speed rural internet with no data cap has its perks. Here are some of the great benefits:


More Users

A high-speed Internet connection provides additional bandwidth, allowing you to share it across multiple people and devices all at once. Now, you can watch your favourite show on Netflix, while someone else listens to their playlist on Spotify.


Enhanced Productivity

Working with slow internet speeds would be extremely inconvenient. It is stressful to sit in front of the computer for hours on end without accomplishing anything. Slow Internet speeds lead to a loss of productivity. A high-speed connection prevents you from any major downtimes and loss of opportunities.

Flawless Streaming

With a fast internet connection, you no longer have to worry about buffering. You can binge-watch your favourite shows from streaming devices anywhere and anytime you want. Whether you're watching on your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet, you'll be able to watch without interruption. You can also listen to music streaming services as long as you want.


Better Communication

Calls will no longer be dropped, and videos no longer freeze. The video and sound quality will significantly improve, allowing you to hold meetings and attend webinars which will be as clear as if you were there in person.

Why should you choose as your internet provider in Vermilion?

No-Contract Unlimited Internet Plan

There are no commitments with, and you can cancel at any time with simply 30 days’ notice. We work harder to make sure you're happy. And, for as little as $80 a month, you get access to unlimited Internet speeds.

Locally-Owned and Locally Operated

We are a local business that focuses on providing Internet services in Saskatchewan. We provide services that are tailored to your specific needs because, for us, you are more than a customer; you are our neighbour.

Excellent Customer Service

We are a small company that values excellent customer service.
You get more than a no-contract, unlimited Internet plan with free installation when you choose us. We strive to satisfy our customers by being responsive, providing customized services, and ensuring speedy turnaround times.

Free Installation

Get our high-speed, affordable Internet with free installation. We want you to enjoy our services fast. You can expect installation in as little as 10 to 12 days after your first phone call.

For a Vermilion internet service that delivers, choose! Call us at +1 (306) 825-7111 today.